FREDsense Brand Refresh


  • Read case study here
  • Redesigned an outdated logo to be more scalable and robust
  • Created a design system and language, as well as a brand style guide for reference
  • Designed and developed a new website using the new brand styling


FREDsense Technologies Corp.


Logo Designer, Brand Strategist, Web Designer


Logo, website, design system, and various templates for marketing collateral


1 year, part-time

FREDsense Technologies Corp. is a water instrumentation startup that uses synthetically engineered bacteria to measure contaminants in water. The company’s technology spun out of the 2012 Calgary iGEM project that looked at detecting and remediating toxic acids from oil sands tailing ponds.

The Task

The original logo for FREDsense had scalability problems, so the task for this rebranding was to create a more versatile and robust branding system that can be applied across digital media, print media, and on the products themselves.

Read the in-depth case study for this project

The Solution

Through a series of design iterations, the logo was adjusted to be more vertically compact (to help with placement) with bolder line weights and font weights (for readability at smaller sizes). Complex and fine details were removed in favour of a more minimalist design.

FREDsense’s new logo in both horizontal and vertical lockups, as well as the full-colour and single-colour variants.

I also built a new, fully-responsive website to capture the new FREDsense branding, featuring panoramic photographs of water and nature to reflect the company’s mission to provide high-quality water analysis.

Screenshot of the FREDsense homepage using the new brand styling.

The whole system was designed to provide a professional, harmonious brand identity that can be used across multiple forms of media.